Roundup of News Coverage of Dewees Island Fire

UPDATE: Andrew Knapp from the Post and Courier wrote another good story. It starts, “Yell “fire” here, and people don’t run away. They jump into their golf carts, then into action.”

Special thanks to all the news crews and islanders who got the word out that no one was hurt, the fire was contained to 2 buildings, and the community pulled together to do what needed to be done.

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  1. Marion cotton

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed as we feel so far away in England. We are so grateful to all. Who helped to save our island. Our hearts are heavy and we are anxious to be back in our home on Dewees next week.

  2. reggiefairchild

    Marion, the scene at the two houses is tough. But the rest of the island continues with unabated natural beauty. Your house is the same sanctuary you left behind. We look forward to seeing you when you come home.

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