New ferry in operation: AAAHHHH!!!!!

We are just thrilled with the new ferry. It is roomy, fast and quiet, with LOADS of cargo space for luggage carts. The ceilings are high and the views out the windows are lovely. Did I mention quiet? You can carry on a phone conversation and talk with fellow islanders in a stage whisper and be heard. There is even a tv screen with announcements, agendas, slides of life on the island. As with any new endeavor, there are still details that the crew is working very hard to get exactly right: Where the cleats go, how to dock with double outboards and a lot of the boat above water in the wind and tide, how all the electrical systems work together, and whether the top deck is usable without a second deckhand on board. But that all pales in comparison with the smooth, quiet ride, and lovely surfaces and comfortable seats onboard. We are VERY appreciative of all of the staff efforts to get all the pieces worked out.

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  1. Marion cotton

    Will have my first ride over to coffee in the morning! Excited and appreciative to all involved! That includes the POA DUES PAYERS! Thanks to all of us!

  2. Ginny Moser

    A great update on the new ferry. Especially nice is the last photo of future Dewees Islander residents and leaders!

  3. Melinda Nutter

    Plan for my first ride to be on Saturday and I cannot wait for it. Everyone did an incredible job of finding the perfect ferry for the citizens of Dewees!

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