Need some extraordinary cupcakes? Try Sugar Bakeshop!

Tucked in 59-1/2 Cannon Street next to the Y, there is a sweet little bakery that’s not too far out of the way if you are downtown or coming across Charleston on the crosstown.   Sugar Bakeshop has great sweet tea, innovative popsicles, and gorgeous cupcakes.  At 3$ each, they are a slightly better bargain than the other stores that sell primarily cupcakes.  They even have ginger dog biscuits.  With a tiny courtyard that feels like a bit of history, Sugar Bakery will have you dreaming of a raspberry topped, lime-custard filled butter confection, or red velvet, or maple pecan caramel frosting, or…..  you get the point.  There are a lot of innovative touches here, from the hand lettered labels on old fashioned paper tags to the huge and tempting cookies on the counter, to the unusual popsicle flavors.  If you are touring the Charleston area with kids, this would be a fun break from the usual haunts!

My favorite flavor so far is definitely the raspberry-topped lime cupcake.  But I can’t wait to explore other flavors.  Cannon is a one way street, towards the Cooper River, so plan accordingly.


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  1. Linda

    My favorite: the pecan bars, but everything is delicious!

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