Video of Irene winds and tide

Our eyes on the island, Jim and Barbara and Toone and Doug went out to Osprey Walk, the ferry dock, and Big Bend last evening to catch this series of videos.  I stitched them all together for uploading ease. The tide was high, and the water swirled around Osprey Walk, eventually coming in from the ocean and stranding them on the highest point of Osprey to the point where they abandoned their carts at the end and walked out in waist deep water.  According to Jim,

Toone, Doug, Barbara and I were at osprey point watching the amazing surf but then decided to get out of the stinging rainstorm, but we found that the overwash from the ocean side had stranded all of us and our golf carts on the high point of osprey walk. Had to leave the carts there and wade out through waist deep ocean water on the path back. Pelican flight was also nearly impassible as well to carts in many places with 1-2 feet of sea water.

 At 2:30, Jim described the island as nearly calm with no lack of electricity.



4 thoughts on “Video of Irene winds and tide

  1. Thanks so much for the video, Macks!! Anyone know how the unhatched turtle nests weathered the storm?

  2. Thanks for the video. Good to see that the island is still there. What happened at the end of Lake Timicau near the Hilton’s? Did the dyke hold?

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