David Smith’s photos of the storm

Apologies for such frequent posts today, but David emailed me these great shots… building on the last post, he has some of the water in action… behind the dunes, and on the beach. Click each to view larger. Thank you, David, for sending.

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  1. Ginny Moser

    David sent these to me earlier in the day. What Deweesians may not know is that he along with Wally and Cozy….hope I’m not leaving anyone out….picked up the sand fencing the EPB had done so it would not be swept out to sea. Mega Kudos to them!!!!!

  2. Judy Drew Fairchild

    Ginny, thanks for sharing that! David, Cozy, and Wally, thanks for grabbing the sand fences– that will help rebuild the dunes as things return to “normal”!

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