Curt Salisbury, deckhand and photographer

Check out this fantastic photo! Curt managed to capture a pelican playing with a shrimp. It looks worthy of winning some great photocontests to me! (I have included a small, low-res image, so that Curt can still enter the picture. I think it’s awesome!)

pelican playing with shrimp

You know him as the deckhand who checks you in aboard the boat, but you’ll often find Curt with his camera on board; be sure to ask what he has been doing lately. His photo of a flower recently won first place for Magnolia Plantation’s Photocontest in the flower division, and he will have many photographs on exhibit at the Honeycomb cafe on Daniel Island for the month of September. I asked Curt about some of the shots he got, and he answered,

Most of the pics I take are done from my kayak (like the pelican). My show is going to be at a restaurant called Honeycomb on Daniel Island. About 25 photos will be on display for the month of September. The contest I won was Magnolia Plantation and Garden’s 9th Annual Photo Contest. I won 1st place in the Amateur Flowers Division. I actually don’t have the winning shot anymore, gave it to Magnolia. It’s going to be part of their 2012 calendar. But I’ve attached a similar version. Also is one more of Dr. Deal’s bees. His honey is delicious!

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  1. Ginny Moser

    Stunning photos!! I had no idea he is so talented.

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