Great Activity: Float from Lone Cedar to Big Bend

We had a spur-of-the-moment creek float from Lone Cedar to Big Bend on Sunday.  We learned a few things, and we had a great time.  Below is a video about the day… I think I like swimming in the creek on the waterway side of the island even more than swimming in the ocean, and much more than swimming in the pool.
The hardest part of a creek float is getting out of the water.  Our strategy was to put our boat at the end, on the floating dock at Big Bend, and use our swim ladder to get on the boat, and then on the dock.  Next time, we will go much earlier in the tide cycle. (we went at almost slack tide, so the current wasn’t moving very fast…. we think we might like a faster ride.)  We can’t wait to do it again!

There is something different about floating with the tide down a lowcountry creek– the smell of the pluff mud, the sparkle of the sunshine in the green water, the laughter of friends, the splash off the dock. We had an impromptu gathering of island buddies for a leisurely amble on whatever floating devices we could find, starting at Lone Cedar, drifting to Big Bend, and climbing out the swim ladder on the boat to splash in again. We strapped a gopro camera to our heads to see if we could capture the sky and the marsh, the splashes and the fun. Rent or own on Dewees: call us at 843-882-5052.

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  1. Ginny Moser

    How much fun! I loved watching all of it but especially the ending. Sign me up for the next trip!!!

  2. Melinda Nutter

    I thought floating down the Velvet River was great but this trip looks awesome. Sign me up with Ginny

  3. toone lapham

    ……..only on Dewees, that was just great. Thank you.

  4. Cathy Miller

    What an awesome float! And kudos on a well-done video!

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