Great New Merchandise in the Nature Center

Our nature center store has a lot of new merchandise you might like. Volunteer community members Betty and Ginny keep the store running, and we appreciate all their efforts to provide us with new Dewees themed items. All sales benefit the environmental program.

The store operates on an honor system; you need to write the item (and size and color) down on the slips of paper provided, your name, and the billing information. Owners ONLY can have purchases billed to their lot number. Put the sheet and the payment in the locked box.  Smile for the camera.


There’s a new t-shirt design with baby turtles heading to the sea (If you were here for last week’s turtle inventory, you got to see the phenomenon for yourself. If you missed it, click here for a one minute video of hatchlings racing to the water.) Men’s sizes are either white with blue or black writing or navy blue with white writing.  Women’s and kids sizes are in a variety of colors.

There are also tumblers with a Dewees Island logo, wine glasses (great for picnics) and coozies to keep your beverage cool.  There are still lanyards, stationary, books, cameras, and lots of other stuff– check it out when you are here!

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