Turtle Hatchlings head for the sea

It’s hatching season here on Dewees Island, and half of our nests have hatched.  Nests 1-5 have all sent their gifts of tiny turtles into the great blue yonder, as has our “surprise” nest 9, which was really the first nest of the season.  (We didn’t know about it until it hatched, and rather than renumber, we made it #9.)

turtle tracks

Nest 4 hatched last night; this morning when we walked looking for nests, we counted LOTS of tracks meandering toward the water.  In addition, at the inventory of nest 5 last night, we released several hatchlings that had gotten mired in the heavy wet sand.  They were delighted to get to the water! Click the link below to see a quick video about the hatchlings heading to the ocean.

Dewees Island Loggerhead Hatchlings from BluePixy on Vimeo.

These loggerhead hatchlings missed the moment when all their siblings headed for the ocean under cover of darkness. Eight of them made their way across the Dewees Island beach, entering the ocean and eventually figuring out that they had to duck UNDER the waves to make it to the sea.

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  1. Bubber and Jan

    Oh what fun to see the little fellow strutting to the perfect music. We needed that as all we are encountering are lobsters and scallops and certainly not as cute

  2. Cathy Miller

    Yeah!!!!! Very nice! Thanks for the video!

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