Rain, and more rain!

our driveway, four days after the rain finished

We have had more rain in the last week than I think we’ve had in the previous three months!  Emily remarked that EVERYTHING is greener, because the dust got washed off.  (In addition, recent high tides have all but cleared the marsh of last year’s wrack, so everything on se and land indeed seems green and shiny!) The frogs are incredibly happy with the seasonal wetlands that seem to have sprung up everywhere, and reptiles seem to be moving around with more frequency as well. The chorus of frogs, including squirrel tree frogs, is a cacophony of sound at night.

Ted and I went out to see what was in those puddles/lakes.  We stopped to check the tall pvc pipe in the woods to see if frogs were hiding there, and counted four seeking shelter in the center.  An eastern glass lizard slithered away, and a five lined skink darted under a piece of wood.  Armed with dip nets and long pants and sleeves, we collected water to see what other creatures took advantage of seasonal wetlands.

armed with dip net and mosquito netting


We found lots of mosquito larvae, with tons of dragonflies whizzing around, and frog eggs clinging to blades of grass.  We actually put the mosquito larvae under a magnifying glass and then a microscope, which showed us their bristly huge mouths.  We found plenty of tadpoles, and kept a few to share with the nature center.  For every tadpole, there were at least 100 mosquitoes, so we were glad to see the mosquito plane fly closely overhead to drop the organic larval interrupter we use here instead of spraying pesticides.  If you are planning to come to the island in the next few weeks, I would bring bug repellent!

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