Dewees Island Theater

We gathered a little late this year, to celebrate the summer solstice.  As dusk gently dropped, bellinis flowed and laughter ensued each time a new arrival climbed the steps to Jane and Carroll’s porch. Each successive guest, it seemed, was dressed even more surprisingly for a June party in South Carolina– sheiks, camelbags, a sheep, and was that Elvis?

There were folding chairs for the audience, but almost all of the guests at this party were members of the cast.  And I would wager that, just before the music started, each one was wondering to themselves, “how did I let Jane talk me into this?”  For this, our fourth or fifth summer solstice party, was the largest production yet.  We were launching a one-time-only staging of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Sure, we’ve done some performances (Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story, A Midsummer Nights Dream) before, but this one had rehearsals.  Several of them.  And surprise costumes… Bubber as Elvis, Artus as a Cowboy, Dave and Barbara as Potiphar and his wife, and a whole host of Egyptians, cheerleaders, chorus members and a sheep.

One audience member, expressing his support for those who were in the performance (I think), asked, “Where else on earth can you find a group of people with such varying degrees of talent willing to get up there and sing and act?”

It was truly a hilarious night– David led the men in a rousing Canaan Days, complete with french accent, Artus played his guitar and crooned a fabulous “So Long, Lil Joe,” Barb chased Reggie around the stage, Henry played his own calypso guitar, Carroll was the narrator, Jane played piano, Kathleen, Anne O, and Judy sang solos as well as a rousing bop-bop-doo-wadawada for Bubber’s Elvis solo.  Esther helped with props, everyone brought food, and there was some great entertainment for everyone.  Charlotte was filming, so keep an eye out for some sort of production there.  I have most of the photos I took up at smugmug, but here is a quick slideshow as well:

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  1. Bubber

    The Fairchilds may be the wind beneath our wings—OK, maybe it’s a martini talking!

  2. DErshie mcdevitt

    Boy, I am blacking out next years summer solstice right now. I can’t stand missing this much fun. Dershie

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