Memorial Day Festivities: 2nd South Carolina Regiment

It was the sort of perfect, low humidity, puffy-clouded weekend that we wait for, and Dewees Islanders celebrated Memorial Day in style.  This weekend, we focused on remembering the contributions of our armed forces by learning about the Revolutionary War history of the 2nd South Carolina Military Regiment.  Island family member John Nutter treated us to a wonderful educational extravaganza!  20 members of the 2nd South (including John’s wife Stephanie and kids) came to Dewees to set up an encampment, complete with tents. They provided a wonderful living history demonstration, giving island residents a chance to picture what it might have been like here when members of that regiment came ashore under a requisition from Colonel Moultrie to furnish palmetto logs for the fort on Sullivan’s island.

A large crowd gathered to watch their battle formations and musket demonstrations, as well as see what camp would have been like.

Click here for a video of the encampment and demonstrations.

The re-enactors cooked a large pot of perlo to share at the community-wide pig roast.  It was a special island experience, watching three generations of families greet each other after long absence, and watching island kids learn about the Revolutionary war from kids who wear the clothes and beat the drums.

For those of us on pig cooking duty, the festivities provided a fun way to pass the time.  Heres a link to our fall British re-enactment party. And here is a link to the post with the revolutionary war cannonball found on the North beach, which was probably never fired but offloaded as ballast.


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    Absolutely wonderful, those folks really get into it………

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