DNR urges anglers to release spotted sea trout

from SCDNR

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is asking anglers to release all sea trout caught in the state, even though they may be legal to keep.  We’ve had a really cold winter, and it will probably affect the fish and shrimp harvest.  (When my Master Naturalist class did a trawl in the ACE Basin last month, we didn’t catch ANY shrimp, and the staff of the DNR vessel said they had only caught FIVE, total, all spring.  This does not bode well for the shrimp season!

Back-to-back cold winters have decimated spotted sea trout and the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is calling for fishermen to voluntarily practice catch and release to protect the remaining spawners until September.

DNR sampling from nine South Carolina estuaries shows a consistent and dramatic decrease in the number of spotted sea trout, the lowest population recorded in 20 years. DNR continues monthly monitoring of sea trout and other recreationally important species to document status and trends abundance and size.

Most fish sampled were below the legal limit of 14 inches. Trout spawn from spring throughout summer in South Carolina.

After a similar cold-related kill in 2001, it took trout five years to fully recover. Current legal minimum size limit and creel of 14 inches and 10 per person per day remain unchanged.

You may see this sign at docks around the state… Please share it with guests and others, on and off the island, and please help the fish stocks rebound more quickly!

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