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Best Burger Around? Poes. Hands Down.

Outdoor seating at Poe's

Poes is a small burger joint on Sullivan’s island, and if you have time to grab lunch or supper there, you won’t be disappointed.  They have a full bar, a simple menu, and fun outdoor seating.  It is close enough to the ocean that you can smell the sea air mixing with the fabulous french fries.  Not just for burgers, the menu boasts great fish tacos and grilled chicked sandwiches too.  And we hear their salads are good too, but we can’t ever get past those great burgers/nachos/mahi tacos to order one.

The name refers to a rather famous soldier stationed on Sullivan’s Island at the turn of the last century, Edgar Allen Poe, who set his story Goldbug there.  There is even a legend that he first heard the story that would become Annabel Lee in a tavern downtown.

Poes used to allow dogs on the patio, but it looks like new regulations prohibit that.

Check out this article on The Literary Traveler about Edgar Allen Poe’s history on Sullivan’s Island.

3 thoughts on “Best Burger Around? Poes. Hands Down.

  1. One secret to their delicious hamburgers is that they grind their own beef at the restaurant rather than buying the ground sirloin elsewhere. (or so they told me when I was downing one of those burgers!)

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