Wild Plum, prunus americana

This tree at the Landings Building is a Carolina Wild Plum, prunus americanus, which will grow to about 24 feet high.  Besides the lovely flowers, it provides a source of nectar for black swallowtail butterflies and gray hairstreaks.  You might also see Palomedes swallowtails and carpenter bees attracted to the tree.  Fruit in the fall may be eaten by songbirds.  Wild Plums are even a recommended plant for attracting wild turkeys. Identifying features include flowers that emerge as the leaves appear, and scaly bark.

When I searched for more information about this tree, I found it recommended by a bunch of extension websites for southeastern states as a desired plant for attracting wildlife.  Here’s an interesting article out of Kentucky on Edge Feathering… a way of designing wildlife habitat so that there are transition spaces between grasslands and woods in order to attract differing wildlife species.

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