Roseate Spoonbill in the Impoundment

Finally, a spring-like sunny day on the island to take photos with!  Reggie and I were playing with a new lens and watching ibis feed, when Reggie noticed the bill of a bird just coming around a pile of grass in the impoundment.  We were really surprised to find this spoonbill this early in the year.  We didn’t see any others, and it took off fairly quickly, headed for the north end of the impoundment.  A pink valentine?  Keep your eyes peeled.

I have been entering our bird counts in a national database, and when I went to enter the spoonbill, I had to click several windows that asked me if I was SURE that’s what I had seen.  Perhaps the lower level of the impoundment attracted the spoonbill, which feed in very shallow water.  We find the variety of birds that change with the water levels really interesting.  On Wednesday of last week, the water was much higher, and we found great flocks of ducks: green and blue-winged teal, wigeons, mottled ducks, mallards, bufflehead, mergansers, and more.  By yesterday, the water was much lower, and there were at least 40 Willets feeding on the edges near the landings building.

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  1. Reggie Fairchild

    The impoundment is at the lowest level that I can remember in a very long time — perhaps 5 years.

  2. dershie mcdevitt

    The first time I ever saw spoonbills on the island, there were a pair of them feeding with the ibises. It was probably about three years ago. Shortly after that, there was only one spoonbill and when we were on the island, we would see it regularly with the flock. We guessed that a gator probably got the other. In subsequent summers, there were larger numbers of them. I’m wondering if this is that one lone spoonbill that–ugly duckling like–thinks it’s an ibis and has never reconnected with others of its kind. Fun to speculate. hugs…dershie

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