Department of Natural Resources seeks Info on Sea Trout

DNR is looking for information from anglers about sea trout populations from anglers.  If you fished for sea trout on Dewees (like from six pipes) especially in the fall, you may want to help with this survey.  See below:

Spotted Seatrout on-line survey needs angler input
Dear South Carolina Saltwater Angler, 

As you may recall, last January (2010) our state experienced unusually cold weather resulting in colder than average coastal waters. Similar cold weather events in the past have killed significant numbers of our coastal fishes, particularly spotted seatrout. In May 2010 we asked recreational anglers to complete a brief survey to help us better understand any potential impact of colder than normal water temperatures on our spotted seatrout population. Since spotted seatrout fishing tends to be better during the fall (October – December) we would like to have anglers take the survey again.
We ask that you focus on fishing activity during those months, as well as taking into account the cold weather we have experienced since December.

Thank You!
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

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