Yes, for the second time within a year, big, beautiful flakes of snow have been falling all day on the island.  It is mystery and magic and the unexpected joy of surprise!  We have been out all day with a variety of cameras, so we will post more details soon.  We do sympathize with everyone locked in by this blizzard, and we’d love to hear some snow totals from readers near and far.  In the meanwhile, our children got to enjoy more snow today than they have seen since moving to SC in 2003.  We were out of town for the presidents day storm, so this one was especially welcome!

a heavy flurry obscures our view across the impoundment

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  1. Jill

    In Waynesville, NC, we now have 8 inches snow and more predicted for tonight. It was such a beautiful white Christmas that I did not mind been snowed in and unable to get out. My family hiked up the hill to be with me for a happy time together. Emily and Joe had much fun sledding down my hill.

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