More Book Suggestions for the Holidays

There are two island authors that have new books for children out this year, and they might make great presents.  From Peter Cotton, there is the just released When Fred the Snake Got Squished, and Mended. A poetic tale, Fred the snake must be put back together after an accident.  With delightful illustrations and clever rhymes, this book will be a fun family read.  Peter dedicated it to his grandchildren, after originally conceiving it for their parents many years ago.

The doctor then, immediately,

or rather, when he’d had his tea

prepared the thread and started sewing

Fred-Fred’s coming to his going.

Toone Lapham’s mother, Treska Lindsey, has two children’s books out.  When Bastine Baked Bread is an adorable story about an incredibly industrious young lady who bakes bread.  The illustrations are wonderful, as we might expect from the illustrator of the Dewees Wild Things Cookbook.  Toone says,

How Batistine Made Bread”  was first published by Macmillan years ago. Even though it was chosen by New Yorker for its yearly list of Best Children’s Books she was never quite happy with some of the changes that were made by the  publisher.  Her other book “In The Land of Warminess”  was accepted by Simon and Schuster but rather than make changes that she might regret she decided to team up with Whitney Blake, a publishing executive, to form Treska Lindsey Books.
These two gems are their first efforts.

If interested in ordering you can either order through Amazon or just e-mail me with what you would like (12.50 each) and we will mail them.  (or you could bug your local bookstore to order them.)

Here’s a link to all the books below at, via my “bookshelf”.

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