Dewees Oval Beach Stickers

We printed several thousand DEWEES oval beach stickers.  You can put them on your car, your golf cart, your college notebook, anywhere you want.  Below is a picture of one of stickers on the back of Reggie’s car.

Our goal is to make more people aware of how cool our little slice of paradise is.

If you want one, just let us know.  We’ll be happy to give you one (or more) for free. We’ll bring them to the pig roast and dammit ball this weekend.

DEWEES oval beach sticker

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  1. Brucie Harry

    Love the oval Dewees stickers. I want one for all our family cars.

  2. susan mashman

    Yes, we would love to spread the word around CT. Jan and I would love several (no golf carts here) but we do have lots of cars

  3. dershie mcdevitt

    McDevitts, too, Judy, we’d like at least nine for all our cars, carts and kid’s cars. can we help with funding them?

  4. Rita Snipes

    Love the sticker. If possible, I need about 6 for family and friends in the upstate. Thanks!!

  5. reggiefairchild

    Hi Rita (and anyone else), we’d be more than happy to give you as many stickers as you can reasonably use. Just remind us the next time you’re on the island. They’re FREE. We can mail them to folks, too. But there’s a small charge for postage and handling.

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