Hurricane Cookies

Harriet McLeod’s (Go Away) Hurricane Cookies will be available for sale at the Labor Day Barbecue.  When we first moved to the lowcountry, our MOST favorite Post and Courier column was on page B1 of the newspaper:  Good Morning Lowcountry.  There was no byline, just GMLC.  It was an awesome column– full of information for locals, and especially helpful for newcomers.

It was the first thing I read in each morning paper.  I learned how to pronounce the name of the Cooper River, Vanderhorst Street, and Huger.  I learned where to do neat things (especially free things) and how to behave at an oyster roast. And the day I read about the author baking annual Go Away Hurricane Cookies, I thought, “I have got to meet this writer!”  Anybody who bakes in the face of an impending storm and credits those cookies with changing the course of storms is awesome in my book.

Little did I know, I had already met the author.  Harriet McLeod is a Dewees regular, and I was delighted to find that sending an email to GMLC from the newspaper’s website resulted in an address for Harriet!  In fact, the tradition began with a hurricane evacuation of Dewees! Here is the background:

The cookies have their provenance on Dewees. Harriet started baking them for the boat captains in 1996 while helping button up the McLeod house for hurricane warnings and evacuations.  She noticed that every time she baked them the approaching hurricane would veer off and avoid the Lowcountry coast. Since then, she’s made the cookies in advance of every Lowcountry storm watch or warning, and each time the storm went somewhere else. Except once. The back side of Hurricane Floyd smacked us in 1999 while Harriet was vacationing in Maine and unable to make the cookies!
(Go Away) Hurricane Cookies are a scrumptious and messy (like a hurricane) mix of chocolate, caramel and pecan with a secret ingredient that serves as powerful gris-gris against hurricanes. This season, we need them more than ever to send storms away from Dewees and the Lowcountry and back out to sea.
Go Away Hurricane Cookies
Gourmet caramel, pecan, chocolate chunk cookies. Messy, like a hurricane.

Powerful gris-gris against tropical storms*
*With secret ingredient guaranteed to make hurricanes go away
Order by the dozen at


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So bring your money and take home a few cookies this weekend.  It looks like Harriet is taking pre-orders, and we’ll be getting some for ourselves.  And those awesome GMLC columns… well, we’re hoping that they are available sometime for everyone to read!

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