New Lull arrives

It’s finally here– the new forklift crane that the island contractors will use for construction and moving/lifting stuff.  We used one of these at move-in to get all of our belongings up the the top levels of the house, and we know of at least one homeowner who has been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  We’re glad to see it!

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  1. Amy Hill

    Verdi has been using the new lull this week to move material around on Lot 133. It’s been a great asset for us as a builder. Being able to rent short or long term without having to get it over on a barge is a great advantage. Thanks to the Dewees Island staff for being so helpful and easy to work with.

  2. Reggie Fairchild

    The island also rents out a chipper and other heavy equipment. The POA makes money on the rentals, has the equipment when it needs it, and serves owners and their contractors. Meanwhile, everyone avoids the cost of taking the equipment on and off the island by barge all the time. Win-win.

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