Dewees Beach a great place to see Common Nighthawks

Nesting nighthawk on the south end in the spring

If you haven’t noticed the funny, electrical sound of the common nighthawk out on the beach, be sure to listen closely.  Nighthawks are identifiable by their white wing patches, and you can often see them on the dead trees at Osprey Walk, or the posts at Osprey or on the post where you turn off Pelican Flight lane to get to Huyler House walk.  We have seen them nesting at both ends of the island in the springtime, and they are fairly common summer residents.  We assume they are beginning to migrate south for the winter.  They are pretty well-camouflaged birds with long wings and somewhat erratic flight.  They make buzzes and booms to the point where you may be convinced that a small jet is whirling around.

This is a link to a great video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which gives you a great example of their sounds and flight patterns.

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