Southwest Airlines to serve Charleston

Here’s some great news:  this week Southwest Airlines announced that they will begin to serve the Charleston Market by 2011.  So for those of you traveling from other parts of the country, this should make air travel in and out of Charleston more convenient and less expensive.  They’ll also begin serving Greenville-Spartanburg.  Here’s what local NBC affiliate Counton2 has to say about it.

Southwest Airlines today announced its plans to serve the state of South Carolina—without subsidies—through the cities of Charleston (CHS) and Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) in 2011.

The Dallas-based airline said it would release details about a start date, destinations and fares, and number of departures at a later date.

The airline’s service will not be dependent on pending legislation to provide air service subsidies.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said this move, “is an integral part to locating new business in the lowcountry.“

Landing the low-carrier will also create 20-30 new jobs. Officials believe that the number of passengers will increase by 100,000 a year from tourism and business travel.

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