Dewees Island the Only Community in SC with 100% Residential Sprinklers

Our fire chief Randy Snipes reported that the fire chief for all of South Carolina says Dewees Island is the only community in the state with 100% Residential Sprinklers.  Sprinklers significantly reduce the risks from fires.  The Dewees Architecture Resource Board guidelines require that all only on Dewees have sprinklers in and underneath the homes.  See the guidelines for details.

The new South Carolina Building Code mandates that sprinklers be installed in all news residential construction starting in 2011.  I’m in favor of this improvement to the SC building code.  But the SC Realtors Association oppose it.  As a Realtor, I received the following email:

S.1057, which would stop the SC Building Code Council’s fire sprinkler mandate for new residential construction, will be considered on the floor of the Senate this week.  Unless the General Assembly acts, fire sprinklers will be required for all new residential construction starting January 1, 2011, adding significantly to the cost of housing.   Take a minute to defend your business and your industry and have your voice heard before it is too late!

Please contact your Senator and urge him to vote for S.1057 that insures that the residential fire sprinklers will not be mandated in South Carolina in 2011.  Keep the American Dream of homeownership alive for all South Carolinians.


Cashion Drolet
Sr. VP of Government Affairs

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Drolet and the SC Realtors Association.  We can’t protect against every hazard, but fire is a major problem.  It costs lives as well as extra insurance money every year.  By requiring sprinkler systems, we can make families (and fire fighters) in our state safer.  My real estate firm, Simplistate, LLC, urges you to encourage your legislator to vote against S.1057 so that sprinklers will become mandatory in 2011.

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