Results of The POA Board of Directors Election and Bylaws Amendment

Results of The POA Board of Directors Election
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 3 Elected to the Board
Faith Schwaibolds            85
Alex Kliros                    72
Dick Robinson                68
Jim Mack                      66
Ann Fink                       48
Esther Doyle                 10

The By Law Amendment to make the Environmental Program Board a standing committee of the Board Passed with 84 Yes votes and 35 No votes of 119 votes cast.

After the Annual Meeting, the New Board for Directors met to elect officers.

The New POA Board of Directors Officers are:

Artus Moser:                  President

Alex Kliros:                    Vice President

Dave McIntyre:               Treasurer

Kim Knight:                     Secretary

Many thanks to all the people who serve the Dewees Community on boards and committees, as volunteers, by treating our island and members with respect, and by spreading the word about this great place.  Dewees is truly one of the last great places on Earth.

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