High Winds Predicted; More Erosion Possible

Dewees Islanders are watching the potential breach from the front beach into Lake Timacau closely.  At times the beach has accreted (grown vertically or horizontally or both) for a few days, weeks or even months.  The long-term trend over the past two years, however, has been unmistakeable: erosion.  The dunes just north of Osprey Walk have eroded significantly.

The sand in the area about 30 yards north of Osprey Walk is so thin now that Islanders worry it might breach.  The next wave of winter storms is expected to arrive in Charleston on Tuesday night (tonight).  The Weather Underground says to expect winds of 23-25 miles per hour overnight.  Local TV shows are saying that winds might reach gale force — winds with speeds between 32 and 63 mph.

The pictures below are are of the area from February 3, 2010.  Judy will try to take more pictures today.  Click a picture if you want to enlarge it.

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