Internet Service on Dewees

I get asked periodically about Internet access on Dewees.  We get ours on the island from AT&T (Bellsouth is now owned by AT&T).  We recently upgraded to the fastest speed they offer (approximately 6 MB/second downloads).  It’s reasonably snappy.  Click here to see AT&T’s DSL promotions.

Around the house, we use the 2Wire wireless router provided AT&T and an Apple Airport Express as a network extender.  The Airport Express works well for both Macs and PCs.

In Mount Pleasant, we recently switched from AT&T back to Comcast because Comcast can provide speeds up to 16 MB/second downloads and 3 MB/second uploads.

I’d love to have speeds that are routine in Japan, Korea and countries we compete and cooperate with.  They sport speeds in excess of 50 MB/second.

The upcoming release of the iPad is only going to increase our bandwidth demands.  Vincent Cerf’s dream from 1970s that there should be “IP on Everything” is coming true.  The Internet is (or should be) everywhere.  It’s floating in the air.  You should hook into it at the very highest speed you can afford.  It’s vital to your competitiveness, productivity, communication, and education.  Plus it’s entertaining.  If you have to choose between Internet access and satellite TV (cable on the mainland), then you should definitely choose the Internet.  And then you should check out (and its ilk).

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  1. Jeremy

    I’m curious to know, 8 years later, what is available today for internet service? What are the fastest download/upload speeds that you’re able to get on the island?

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