DNR Gets Serious About Saltwater Fishing Licenses

On December 27, several folks were clamming on Dewees at Six Pipes when a DNR officer arrived and asked to see everyone’s saltwater fishing licenses. The clammers were on the inside of Six Pipes on the sandbar in Lake Timicau. The DNR officer came up Velvet Creek, hopped onto the land at Six Pipes, strode across the dirt road onto the sandbar and started asking questions. The surprised clammers received a warning along with advice that Dewees was one of the officer’s favorite places to hand out tickets.

Following a Federal mandate, the SC Fishing License rules changed in July 2009. Make sure your up to date with the latest requirements. Basically, if you’re fishing anywhere in SC and over 16, you need a fishing license. It no longer matters if you’re on land or in a boat. If you’re fishing, make sure you have a license. Fishing licenses are required for gathering almost any creature from the water, including shrimping, clamming, oystering, crabbing as well as using a rod and reel. The regulations are detailed. So be sure to check SCDNR’s website for details.

Licenses are easy to get. They can be purchased over the phone or online as well as from authorized fishing shops.

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