Christmas Cards, Stationary, and Jim Cochrane’s Dewees Book for sale

Announcing the first Dewees holiday card, with an archival theme.  A percent of the proceeds of this card will be used to support the nature center and the archives committee activities.  The card features an image of the Huyler family “Bringing home the Christmas Tree with Jane the Mule in 1925”, and is printed on 4×6 card stock on recycled paper with soy ink, wrapped in biodegradable raffia.  The cards are printed by Judy and Reggie Fairchild’s company, bluepixy, and can be purchased in the nature center or ordered directly from them.  Cards are $10.00 for a set of 10, shipping additional.  email or call Judy at 843-259-1713.

Don’t forget that books and stationary make great holiday gifts.  If you would like to give someone a signed copy of Dewees:  The Island and Its People, by Jim Cochrane, please email Jill at or call her on the island to arrange to get a copy.

Bluepixy also offers note cards which can be great stocking stuffers.  Currently we have two designs:  a turtle hatchling and a beautiful photo by Bubber McAlhany called “Sweetgrass Hands.”  Cards are $10 per set of 10, and can be ordered from,  or purchased in the nature center.  These too are on recycled paper with soy inks and hemp strings to minimize environmental impact.

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