Green Turtle washes up; Victim of boat strike

visible propellor strikes
visible propeller strikes

Our turtle team was busy yesterday checking out this turtle carcass which washed up on the beach.

While green turtles don’t nest on our beaches, they do frequent our waters sometimes.  They are smaller than loggerheads.  This poor specimen was killed quickly– the boat propeller sliced all the way through the carapace and almost severed the head.

Lori takes measurements to send to DNRLori, Gretchen and Gary used the turtle stranding kit to identify the turtle and take measurements to send in.  Chrissie accompanied the carcass on the ferry so DNR could complete a necropsy.IMG_5512IMG_5521

They can range as far north as Canada, but nest on shores with warmer water.  Largely herbivorous, the green turtle feeds on shallow grasses and seaweed.

We noticed the beauty in the patterns of a scute that had fallen loose– classic “tortoiseshell.”IMG_5517

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