Beachcombing mystery object:

Can you identify this plant or animal that washed up on the beach?  Possibly an egg case or something?  We found some just north of Osprey and some much farther up the beach towards Capers.  It is very cellular in nature and feels slightly spongy.Mystery Item; over a foot longIMG_5156

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  1. Arla Slaughter

    I think it is moon snail egg case, despite the larger size and different color.

    Asked my good friend and conchologist expert Mark Johnson (he was the author of the laminated mollusk guides that The Dee Dee Paschal Barrier Island Trust published). He agrees, but suspects all the wind and wave action at the time caused the females to be interrupted while laying. As a result, no sand was attached and they aren’t in the usual collar shape.

    Wish I could see it in person!

  2. judydrewfairchild

    Thanks, Arla! We miss you!

    Now I really wish I had brought one in to the nature center– it is still my gut feeling that the thickness of the material is too big to be a moon snail… and end to end it was at least 15 inches.

    But, I have googled images of every seaweed and egg chamber I can find, and nothing else seems to match. It makes sense that without the sand, the texture would be different. Thank you, and Mark, for looking into it. If anything else occurs to you, please let me know. (and if I can find another this weekend, I’ll figure out how to get it to Mark.)

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