Many thanks to the Dewees Summer Interns

Dewees was really lucky to have some top-notch interns this summer. In addition to Chrissy and Gretchen, who spent their second summer on the island working with our educational programs and the Cape Island Turtle Project (they will be around at least until December) we were fortunate to have Nick Wallover as an additional turtle intern, and Erica Baugh as an educational programs intern. All of them were helped by Olivia Keefer and Phillip Pasquini, both high school children of owners who assisted this summer. We wish Erica and Nick all the best as they move on to other opportunities: Erica will be teaching Montessori preschool in the keys, and Nick will be finishing up his Masters Degree here at CofC. Olivia and Philip, thanks for all you did! It was an incredible summer!

Click here to see a quick video tribute and thank you to the interns.

Thank You Nature Center Interns for a Great Summer
Thank You Nature Center Interns for a Great Summer

One of the great things about interns is that they bring new enthusiasm and ideas to the Dewees Community.  Just one example from the year.  The interns got the idea to run a tubing program on Velvet Creek from Six Pipes to Capers Inlet.  About 30 people participated on an outgoing tide.  No one ever did that before.  Everyone had a great time.

We can’t wait to see what the interns will do in 2010!

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