Latest Turtle Update

Turtle Team Leader, Gray McGraw says,

Summary:   4 Nests   8 False Crawls

This is an update to June 15th. Toone [bless her heart] was able to find the original nest at #4 which was a large, healthy clutch. We needed to leave the eggs in situ since 12 hours had already passed. The nest is marked “# 4 Fox” and protected with two metal cages. We have not experienced any difficulties with our foxy friends lately.

Today Jill found a False Crawl near Marshmallow Walk where mama turtle hit a 3 foot scarp. Gretchen also found a False Crawl just north of Osprey Walk [mama also hit 6 foot scarp] and a False Crawl just north of where the shoal attached. This mama was amazing having jumped off a 3 or 4 foot embankment on her way back to the sea. Apparently she didn’t like the hard dune sand … or whatever [who knows what a turtle thinks].

As of today, the number of loggerhead nests are 52, 656, and 306 for NC, SC and GA, respectively.

Cheers, Gary on behalf of the Dewees Turtle Team

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