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The Dewees lot numbers go from 1 to 137, not counting the historical lots on Dewees Inlet. Lot number 128 is used three times — for lots 128, 128A and 128B.

Trivia Question: which lot number is NOT used?

Bonus Trivia Question: why was lot 128 used three times? why wasn’t the unused lot number used?

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  1. Jim Murray

    Lot 66?

  2. reggiefairchild

    Very good Jim! There is no Lot 66 on Dewees. At the intersection of Pelican Flight Drive and Lake Timacau Lane, Lot 65 is on one side and lot 67 is on the other. Lot 66 would be right where Lake Timacau Lane is.

  3. Wharton

    And why didn’t the new lot numbers start with 11, so we wouldn’t have duplicate numbers 1-10?

    And, while we’re at it, how about even numbers down one side of the roads, and odd numbers on the other side, so you’d have some idea where a given lot is?

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