Sarah Dawsey wins Major Award for Turtle Work

The Dewees interns spend part of their time working with Sarah Dawsey at the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Since Cape Romain gets more loggerhead turtle nests than the rest of South Carolina and Georgia combined, our interns get significant hands on training every day they are there. Several of our turtle team members have also been trained by Dawsey. We warmly congratulate Sarah on receiving a Regional Director’s Honor Award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. Below is the text Dubose Griffin from SC Department of National Resources sent out announcing the award.

Sarah C. Dawsey Fish and Wildlife Biologist Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge For the past 22 years, Biologist Sarah Dawsey has remained steadfastly dedicated to her work on Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. As the sole biologist on the refuge, Sarah’s duties include managing an endangered loggerhead sea turtle inventory seven days a week, and monitoring, and relocating nests for six months out of the year.

Unable to accomplish the full scope of recovery activities for this rare species, Sarah formed long-lasting and productive partnerships for this labor-intensive
initiative. These partnerships involve Service staff at the Charleston Ecological Services office, employees of the South Carolina Department of Natural
Resources, the South Carolina Aquarium, the refuge Friends in the SEWEE Association, and a local homeowners association.

In 2008, the Refuge was without a refuge manager and project leader for more than six months. Undeterred, Sarah stepped up to the management challenge,
ensuring that work on the Refuge continued and that partnerships were sustained throughout the transition. She worked with the Refuge maintenance staff to ensure day-to-day maintenance activities were accomplished. Sarah worked long hours for an extended period of time to accomplish Refuge priorities without asking for additional
compensation or complaining about her workload.

In addition, Sarah has invested considerable effort to network with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, various universities, and several graduate students to obtain a number of scientific research studies on the Refuge that enhance our understanding of key coastal systems and species.

Sarah’s diligence, determination, and strong work ethic have been the primary reasons that Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge continues to support one of the most significant nesting areas for the northern sub-population of loggerhead sea turtles north of Florida. Her hard work and dedication warrant the recognition of the Regional Director’s Honor Award.

Sarah Dawsey recieves Regional Director’s Honor Award
Sarah Dawsey recieves Regional Director’s Honor Award

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