Beach Erosion and Turtle Update

Gary McGraw reports:

Storm Day Three: Good News … nest #1 is still OK. Dottie [name for this mama since Toone’s friend Dottie patrolled the north beach and her name is on the nest stake] deserves a big GOLD STAR. As our first mama, she selected the only location on the entire beach that has not been devastated. Her nest is directly behind the attaching sand shoal.

Bad News … this storm is exacting a huge toll. On day three, I lost another 20 ft of boardwalk and another 10 ft of dunes at my house. The only boardwalk remaining is that section which was in place when I purchase our lot in 1998. I’ve lost 115 feet of boardwalk in total. The dune lines at my house have been reduced from four to one-half.

I hope Dottie’s nest makes it through the next few days. Forecasts are for the winds to begin diminishing late [Wednesday] [from gale force to small craft advisory] but continue until the weekend. We’ll probably have two or three more horrible high tides.

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