First Loggerhead Turtle Nest on Dewees

Gary McGraw, head of the Dewees Island Turtle Team, reports:

Our first two patrollers of the season were SUCCESSFUL ! Today Toone Lapham and her friend Dottie found our first False Crawl on the south beach near Brucie Harry’s house and our first Nest on the north beach near the Osprey Platform. The first female turtle picked a good spot, it appears, so the Turtle Team left the nest in situ.  That means they left it where it was.

Turtle Tuesday’s Beginning Tuesday May 19th at 9:30 AM in the Huyler House.  The Turtle Team will have an open-to-all, informal, gathering for a cup of coffee each Tuesday of the nesting season. It’s a time to socialize and chat about the latest news concerning our turtles.

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