Growing Up in the Wild

If you haven’t had a chance to read Larry Leppert’s book about Dewees, I wanted to strongly encourage you to get a copy and start reading it today.  It’s calledcalled Raised in the Wild.

Whether it’s Larry’s story about taking a baby alligator to school or his story about shooting his grandfather with a bee-bee gun, you’ll really enjoy them.  Larry is an excellent story teller in the best southern tradition.  He’s willing to call things the way he sees them.  It makes for entertaining reading and shines a new light on the history and beauty of Dewees.

We’re enjoying the book so much that Judy has actually been reading some of the chapters aloud to me.  The book will make you laugh.  Plus you’ll know where to go when I say, “meet me at the old pig pen.”

You can purchase a copy from

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