Kelsey Cox might go home next week

Mel Cox’s daughter, Kelsey, has been very sick this spring. (You can read previous posts about her on this blog.) As you may know Mel’s painting crew has been working on Dewees for many years. Kelsey’s sister Cassie provided the following update tonight:

Kelsey had an Eco (Sonogram) of her heart today; there has been some improvement in her heart. She still needs to work on eating more. Her intake of food is imperative.

If things continue as they are, she will be going home at the beginning of next week. Her Dr. has advised that it will be at least a year before she is back to her normal self.

Her Dr. also advised that even though she would be going home, that her heart does still have serious issues.

The doctors have said that they are amazed at Kelsey’s recovery process. She has far exceeded all of their expectations.

We have no doubt that Kelsey is truly one of God’s miracles!

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