NY Times Article about Abandoned Boats

Several people have sent me the NY Times article about abandoned boats.  It mentions Charleston and other areas.  Abandoned boats were a problem before the economy went south.  Now it’s an even bigger problem because many people just don’t have the money to store and maintain their boats.

Fortunately, the state of South Carolina recently passed legislation outlawing the practice and providing some funds for enforcement and removal.  Our friend Cyrus Buffum, the Charleston Waterkeeper, has been actively working with government agencies to locate, identify, and remove abandoned boats.  See the map that Charleston Waterkeeper created off abandoned boats in the area.  I’ve added to the map with my own map of some additional sites.  If you know of any additional problem boats, please let Charleston Waterkeeper know.

If you have funds to support environmental causes this year, I strongly encourage you to consider Charleston Waterkeeper.  Cyrus has been doing a great job on a very small budget.

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