Mel Cox’s Daughter

Dewees Island painter Mel Cox’s daughter Kelsey has been really sick for several weeks.  A very bad case of the flu attacked her heart and lungs.  At times, she’s been in a medically induced coma, but now seems to be improving slightly.  While she was unconscious the nurses thought it would be fun to paint her toenails pink.  Too bad Kelsey hates pink.

Two days ago, her sister Cassie sent out an update on saying:

Kelsey has had a very good day!! She has showed much
improvement. She is responding more and more to what we are saying
to her. She did let the nurses know that she doesn’t like the PINK
toe nail polish. The doctor said that we are still not out the
woods yet but we are getting there. Please keep praying!!

If you want to know more about Kelsey’s status, see pictures of her in happier times and see comments by all the people pulling for Kelsey, I encourage you to sign up at

The CarePages system let’s you control how much information you get.

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