Interview with Judy Drew Fairchild

I recently caught up with Dewees Island creative force and environmental inspiration Judy Drew Fairchild.  She had some interesting things to say about the series of books and videos she has recently released about the island.

[Reggie:]  Judy, why are you putting out these books and videos about Dewees Island visitor education?

[Judy:]  As chair of the Environmental program board, a lot owner, one who built a home through the ARB, a camp volunteer for four years, and a relatively new summer resident of the island, I have really noticed how the philosophies of the Environmental Program did not always get communicated to island visitors. (And we’re all visitors here, really.) The EPB looked into remaking “Treading Softly’” the beautiful VHS video which explained island guidelines and policies which we saw when we first came to the island. Both the technology and the images were outdated, but having it remade by that contractor was prohibitively expensive. It seemed to me that we could create the videos ourselves. So I took tons of pictures, bought some technology, and learned how to do it. Dewees is a really special place, and you can enjoy your stay more if you are prepared

[Reggie:] How can people see the videos and buy the books?

[Judy:] The idea is to communicate with as many people as possible. So the videos are available for free online, but if you want a DVD to keep in your house (it will look better on a big screen such as a TV), you can purchase that too. If you have visitors coming, whether renters or guests, you can email them the videos ahead of time, and they can even purchase a book via the blurb website. Folks on the ferry can read the book on their way over, if they like.  At one point, there was even talk of putting the videos on the ferry via ipods or personal DVD players, but that’s technology that costs real money.

[Reggie:]  What are you going to do if things change?

[Judy:]  The fun part of these video modules is that, since we made them here, we can update them whenever we change a policy. The book and the DVD will both be date specific, so next year, when policies change, you’ll know you have an updated version. Plus, we can continue to feature members of our community.

[Reggie:]  What’s your favorite thing about these projects?

[Judy:]  Being reminded of all the good things members of our island community do to slow down, enjoy each other and connect with nature.

[Reggie:]  Thanks Judy!

You can preview and buy the books here.

You can watch the videos for free here.  Or you can email Judy at to order a DVD.

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