POA Annual Cocktail Party to Cost $50/person

This year in an effort to save funds, the POA has decided to charge attendees $50/person for the cocktail party the night before the Annual Meeting.  Some years in the past, the POA has covered the costs; any property owner could attend for free.  There will also be a separate $35/person charge for the Saturday night oyster roast.  The weekend will cost the average home owner couple $170, not including any travel expenses.  Of course, attendance at these parties is optional.

However, since the Annual meeting weekend is an important time for building community, voting, and diseminating significant information, it’s key to have as many property owners attend the parties and meetings as possible.

In these economic times, $170/couple seems kind of stiff.  One possible alternative is to get a few treats from Costco for about $5/person and have the cocktail party be BYOB.  Personally, I could have a grand time for well less than $45.

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  1. reggiefairchild

    The word is that the ship has sailed. The contracts have been signed. The party will cost $50/person. It is what it is. It’s a great time for community building and reuniting with friends and neighbors. Come if you can at all.

    Writer’s note: I’ll be away racing sailboats. I guess you can’t do everything.

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