World War II Tower has 2 Floors

The most interest fact that I learned today while video taping the Henry Savage interview was that the World War II Submarine Lookout Tower has 2 floors on the inside.  Henry said he climbed the tower with several other kids when he was 12 back in the early 1970s.

Henry said that the tower is much higher than you think.  He said he was tagging along with a bunch of 15 year olds and it was pretty scary to climb as a 12 year old.

Author’s Note:  That was a long time ago.  The tower has deteriorated with age and is dangerous.  DO NOT climb the tower.  It might be your last climb.

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  1. Henry Savage

    “That was a long time ago”

    Ha!! Yup I was 12 years old a long time ago!

    Yes, don’t climb the tower today.

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