Ring the Bell; Arla has a Baby Boy

We received the following email from John Slaughter, Arla Slaughter’s husband.  Arla was known as Arla Jessen when she worked on Dewees as the Naturalist in Residence.  We wish Arla and John and Jack the VERY best.


Baby boy Slaughter is born.  About 7:00 pm Central Time, Jan 6th in Lafayette, La — very exciting Friday night.  5lbs 10oz, and long, just can’t quite remember how long.   Mom and Baby are healthy after a natural birth with nothing more than a dose of blasphemy and minor expletives to get the job done.  Baby is on the lighter side of an olive complexion, perfectly formed with a good swatch of dark hair and maybe a little more WASP than we were expecting.

Arla was fantastic — a singular performance the likes of which I don’t ever recall witnessing. She’s currently nursing and about to go to sleep.

Jack Robinson Slaughter….. wishes everyone a goodnight.

John & Arla Slaughter

PO Box 131
Grand Coteau, LA 70541

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