Aggie Gray Dies for 2nd Time in 2 Days

Past mile marker 116, the 5 p.m. run to Dewees was cut short when diesel fuel stopped flowing to the engine. It was deja vu all over again as the same thing happened yesterday.

Captain Rick went above and beyond to get the Aggie back to the Dewees Marina safely. First he borrowed a small skiff from Robbie Cannon’s helper to get the Aggie back in the middle of the channel. Next he flagged down Bobby Kennedy. Captain Rick used Bobby’s larger skiff to push the Aggie back to the dock. Captain Rick said it was just like driving a tug.

Everyone hopes the mechanic figures out the problem. No one likes Thunderbox (aka The Dewees Lady). Perhaps it’s something like a bad fuel pump.

Special thanks to Captain Rick, Deckhand Joe, and Bobby Kennedy for the safe return of the Aggie Gray.

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  1. reggiefairchild

    One owner wondered if the Aggie Gray was using diesel or biofuel when it had problems. The answer is diesel. The new rebuilt engine is supposed to be able to run on either diesel or biodiesel, but the Aggie Gray has not started trying to use biodiesel yet.

  2. Henry Savage

    so that’s why you made the comment on a needing a new ferry!

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