Text of POA Ferry Survey

In the current economic climate your POA continues to pursue cost cutting ideas .The POA is exploring an idea that would save property owners approximately $15,0000 per year. Before we implement this new change we would like to hear what you think about the proposal. Please indicate below whether you feel this change is a good idea or not.

We propose to Eliminate or Black Out one ferry run per day throughout the year . We would do this seven days a week when the ferry crew changes shifts at 2.00 pm. At shift change we would stop the ferry runs for one hour and have the next crew shift report to work one hour later. This will mean there will be no 2.00 pm ferry to Dewees Island nor a 2.30 pm returning ferry from Dewees Island. We would re-commence to running our normal ferry schedule at 3.00 pm.

Please click on ONE of the following choices to make your selection. You will not be allowed to select again or change your selection after you make it:

YES- I support the Idea to Eliminate the 2pm Ferry Run to Save $15,000 a year.

NO – I do not support the Idea.

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