POA Ferry Survey Not Worth the Electrons Used to Distribute It

I try hard not to blast the POA or Management without offering up a positive suggestion on how things might be done better.  But the POA Ferry Survey (click to see the full text of the survey) is so dumb that it can’t go by without comment.

  1. The survey is biased.  You can get people to say almost anything if you slant the questions.
  2. The survey fails to give alternative courses of action.  Such as, here are 3 other ways the Island might save $15,000.
  3. The survey fails to say what will be done with the savings.  Will the $100/lot be returned to property owners?  Will it be used to increase staff salaries?  Will it be used to make up shortfalls elsewhere?  Will it be used on a boondoggle?
  4. The survey fails to give important background information on what other options for the ferry have been tried in the past and what the results were.  I believe this very idea was tried about 18 months ago and failed misserably.
  5. The survey seems to be intended to give Management and / or the POA Board political cover.  Can’t you hear someone defending the change in the ferry schedule with, “the POA membership voted to make this change.”  Bah!

Let me be clear.  I’m not necessarily against the change in the ferry schedule.  In fact, I proposed a change in the operation of the ferry in my recent “What’s the Goal?” post.   I am, however, totally against wasting the Island’s owners’ and staff’s time on a junk survey like this one.  Well crafted surveys on the other hand can be a useful device for listening to the needs and wishes of the community.

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