Goal Affects the Whole Community

My “What’s the Goal” blog post has garnered a fair amount of interest over the past few days.  Here’s part of an email I received from just one lot owner,

“It’s not just the homeowners who are getting crushed by the high annual costs, it’s also the lot owners without homes who are postponing building due to the high cost of construction as well as the high carrying costs.  And it doesn’t have to be this way, if common sense and practicality were taken into account.

Thanks for your efforts on behalf of ALL of the owners.”
The message made me realize that my post only mentioned the number of homes on Dewees that are for sale.  If you look at the ownership of all the homes and lots, you realize that everyone is being affected by high costs.  As a community, we need to find ways to save money and improve the value the of ownership.

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